1.6 Million sheets of music at your fingertips


Sheet Music Data


The data for the Petrucci Music Library App comes from around 1,600,000 OMR'ed sheets from some 160 thousand scores from the Petrucci Music Library, the Library of Congress and the Duke University Library. They contain almost 370 million notes

App development


This application is available for Microsoft Windows Phone 7, Nokia OVI, and BlackBerry Smartphones and the BlackBerry Tablet, the PlayBook. Android and IPhone/IPad versions are in the planning stages, and should be released in April 2012. Palm WebOS is a possibility for the future, depending on the success of app sales accross the platforms.

Applications have been developed with PhoneGap, in conjunction with WebWorks (BlackBerry), Web Runtime (Nokia), and SilverLight (Windows Phone 7).

Who's Involved.


Fiach Reid is a software developer, and company director. He is a published author of "Network Programming in .NET", by Elsevier. In 2011, according to Microsoft, he was the most prolific developer of mobile applications in Ireland, and has published applications for every mobile platform. Mr. Reid will be developing the mobile interface to allow musicians easily access the Petrucci Music Library and look up classical music scores.

Paola Capatti is a qualified conference interpreter, and acts on the board of the City of Derry Guitar festival. Miss Capatti will be providing localisation of the applications and marketing materials into Spanish and Italian, along with managing third party translators for other languages.

Vladimir studied mathematics at Saint-Petersburg State University and at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Bavaria. In May 2011 he received a Google Research Award. He plays violin and piano, and has conducted the orchestra of the Staatstheater am Gartnerplatz in Munich. Mr. Viro has developed a system for digitising the Petrucci Music Library, and has created an API (Application Programming Interface) to allow integration between this data and mobile application software.

Ottivano Petrucci


Ottaviano Petrucci (18 June 1466 - 7 May 1539) was an Italian printer. His Harmonice Musices Odhecaton, a collection of chansons printed in 1501, and is the earliest work contained in this library. It is in his honour, that this project has been named after him.