And special thanks goes to Digital Derry...


CultureTech 2012

Culture Tech

The Culture Tech Fund, in partnership with the Culture Company was funded by the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure. The grant funds innovative new projects which combine cultural and artistic output with digital technology. The fund is open to any organisation or freelance professional based in Derry (county or city) or working with a Derry-based partner. The Petrucci Music Library would not have been possible without this funding, and thanks to this grant, this ambitious project has truly come to life.


Without the work by Vladimir Viro (PeachNote), this project would not have been possible, and thanks to his work and technical expertise, this huge corpus of sheet music can be made available on a huge variety of mobile devices


Phonegap is a project by Nitobi (now acquired by Adobe) which makes cross platform mobile development possible, and without this platform, this project would be available on alot fewer mobile devices